The Twisted Hop Real Ale Brewery
7b Parkhouse Rd,
Christchurch 8042
Phone (03) 962 3688

Brewer and Brewery

Our Brewer

Jim began his brewing career in the US where he spent many years brewing in his garage on his home made 100L brew system. After 20 years working in the microelectronics indsutry he decided it was time to make a career switch, and he hasn't looked back since.  He took up work at Renaissance in Blenheim helping them with packaging, cellar work, plant engineering, and brewing many of their beers including two Brewer's Guild gold medal winners. Jim moved down to Christchurch in 2014 and has since brewed over 200 batches here at the Twisted Hop.  He keeps up stocks of the core range while experimenting with seasonal beers and keeping our contract brewers happy.

Our Brewery 

Our brew system has an 2000L kettle with high pressure hot-water coils and an external water jacket for whirlpool cooling. We also have a hopback that can be used for added hop presence, using up to 3kg of cone hops. We have 4 fermenters, consisting of 2 “open” tanks (1400L and 1700L), and 3 1800L fully-jacketedconicals.   We can contract brew 600 - 2000 litre brew sizes, preferably packaged in kegs for you to distrubute.


Head brewer Jim Holly and assistant brewer Jack Tsao